Creating an Infographic

What is it? How can I make it?

Now What?

So, you’ve collected your information, discussed and shared with your team, and have a basic idea of what to include (your narrative). Now comes the point where you decide how you present and organize your information.

What is an infographic?

Infographics do just what their name suggests, they supply you with a lot of info, all wrapped up in a stylish graphic. There are a lot of reasons to choose infographics, but the main argument is this: Infographics are visual items, and humans are ‘visually wired’ creatures.

Sample Infographic

How Can I Create an Infographic?

I will walk you through the steps in the video to access Canva. Then we can get started using Canva. (Of course Canva in on the Chrome Web Store, and there are other web apps that can create an infographic ) Right now, let's work with the online web link.

View How to Video - Create using Canva

Creating Your Infographic

Canva can also be added to your Apps

What Now?

  • Use Canva web app to create your infographic. (Each student is to design/create their own version of the important information from Google Search presentations reviewed and discussed by group.)

There are a lot of infographic "types", so explore different options and find which is best for our topic.

When complete turn in through Google Classroom that is named - 003 Infographic

Video Demo On How to Turn In Assignment Created and Save in Drive