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Hoosier Road Elementary School's Newsletter for 11-21-17

Upcoming Events

Please visit the HRE website to find all of our upcoming calendar events by clicking here.
  • In observation of the Thanksgiving Holiday, there will be no school November 22nd - 24th
  • Yearbook Cover Contest Deadline: December 1st
  • HRE Choir B105 Contest: now through December 3rd
  • HRE Gives Back Holiday Food Drive: December 4th - 13th
  • 1st & 2nd Grade Music Program: December 7th (more info to come)

Weekly G.R.I.P. Winners

All HRE students know about G.R.I.P. - an acronym which stands for Gratitude Respect Integrity Purpose. Students may earn "GRIP SLIPS" by demonstrating any one of these character traits. Each week, teachers draw one name from their classroom Grip Slips and that student is the Grip Slip winner for the week from that classroom. Those names are then entered into a weekly drawing per grade level; one name is drawn per grade level and those students come to the office to choose a small prize. We are pleased to announce our Grip Slip winners for the week:

Kindergarten: Evie Oritz from Mrs. Fleenor's class was caught showing Respect.

1st Grade: Emaad Seedi from Mrs. Wellington's class was caught showing Purpse.

2nd Grade: Janiya Wilson from Mrs. Loftus' class was caught showing Integrity.

3rd Grade: Cameron Myers from Ms. Sitar's class was caught showing Respect.

4th Grade: Mark Gates from Mrs. Lattal's class was caught showing Integrity.

What's Cooking?

Breakfast will be available Monday - Friday at 8:40am for students who wish to purchase it. Hot and cold selections will be available. Student “lunch” accounts will be charged. For complete breakfast and lunch menus, please click here.

The Launching Pad Café

Lunch Menu for the week of November 27th

Monday: Cheeseburger

Tuesday: Pancakes or Waffles

Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets

Friday: Big Daddy's Cheese Pizza

Please remember to check your student’s lunch account and make sure to replenish it if necessary. All lunch accounts with a negative balance of $20 or more will be sent to collections per HSE District policy. The cost per student breakfast is $1.25 and per student lunch is $2.60. When sending in lunch money please be sure to include the child’s first and last name, teacher name and student ID on the payment envelope.

Fresh fruit , veggies and milk are always offered with lunch.

PBJ, Turkey Sandwich, Chef Salad or Pizza Pack (Gogurt brand yogurt, cheese, pita bread & marinara) will be offered daily as an alternative lunch choice.

No pork is served; we use turkey-based products.

Please Vote for the HRE Choir!

We are excited to announce that our Hoosier Road Choir has made the top 5 for the elementary division 1 in the B105.7 Christmas Station Contest. Our choir students had the opportunity to experience a professional recording of their winter song and also have the chance to be on the radio.

We need help to get the votes! Everyone can vote everyday through December 3rd on Please click on the following link to be connected to the contest.

You will need to enter your name and an email address.

Voting Rules are:

  • Log on to and click on the above Christmas Choir Contest link to vote for your favorite school choir.
  • Voters are presented with options to vote for the competing schools.
  • The first time you enter email address a confirmation email will be sent to you before you can vote. This avoids multiple votes from the same email address.
  • Voter is limited to one vote per registration of e-mail address per day. Voters are not permitted to use or create multiple e-mail addresses or accounts to vote multiple times. If voter attempts to go through the process again, he/she is only able to change the existing vote. The server will only assign one token to an email address.

If you could add this to your social media it would also help our chances. Thank you!!!!

Each winning choir will receive $2,000 in prize money courtesy of Franciscan Health and will be featured in a special half hour showcase program to air on December 24th and December 25th on Indy's Christmas Station!

HRE PTO Needs Your Help!

Please consider donating a little bit of your time to help make our Holiday Bazaar a success! You can click on the following link to sign up!

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4th Grade Kickball 4 Houston

During the month of December, Fourth Graders are invited to participate in "Kickball 4 Houston." This is an optional kickball tournament that will take place before school in the gym (drop off at door 10). Students are asked to make a monetary donation that will go to our continual efforts to support Braeburn Elementary in Houston, Texas. If you have any question please contact Ms. Kris Chandler at

First Round:

Lattal vs. May: Friday, December 1st, 8:00 AM

Washburn vs. McLean: Tuesday, December 5th, 8:00 AM

Pall vs. Striegel: Friday, December 8th, 8:00 AM

Mitchell's class gets a Bye (their first game will be Friday, December 15th at 8:00 AM)

Second Round:

Please see the bracket for your student's date to play. Bracket located in the gym.

Show Your School Spirit

Our PTO is currently accepting orders for Spirit Wear! Please click here to print your order fom. The order forms must be completed and returned to your child's teacher no later than November 28th, 2017!

Yearbook Cover Contest

HRE Yearbook Cover Contest Rules

This year’s yearbook theme is “Super Heroes Learn Here.” Have your child be creative and use his/her imagination by using a cover that captures the essence of HRE with a Super Hero twist. Show through drawings what Hoosier Road is all about. Remember, this is your child's project and we are looking forward to seeing their artwork! Just remember it needs to be school appropriate.

  • Your child's work must be on the “official” cover page provided. Please click here to download the template. If you don't have access to a printer, students can stop by the office to get a cover page template.
  • Have your child use only colored pencils and crayons. No markers or digital artwork.
  • Every artist needs to sign their work! Be sure your child puts his/her name in the bottom right hand corner in the “star.”
  • School name, year, and theme are already included on the template and not needed. Any additional wording must be legible. Please have your child take their time and do their best work when they write.
  • All entries MUST be turned in NO LATER THAN Friday morning, December 1st. No exceptions.
  • Please be sure your child follows the rules (listed above). Those not following the directions will not be considered.
  • We will have one winner – for the front cover! The winner will be announced by the end of the week (no later than Friday, December 10th).

HRE Gives Back Holiday Food Drive

We are proud to implement a program for HRE students that we hope will highlight the joy of giving. It may come as a surprise that there are many families in Fishers who are struggling to put food on the table. Winter break is especially hard when children are not in school where they are assured of having one meal each day. We would like to ease that stress by providing boxes with two weeks’ worth of easy meals and snacks for as many children as we can in Fishers. Each class will put together one box. We have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children; both those who give and those who will receive. We hope this will give you an opportunity to talk with your children about gratitude and the joy of giving to those in need. Donations are being accepted Monday, December 4th through Wednesday, December 13th.

Hoosier Road Elementary has set a goal to fill 150 boxes. One box per classroom will equal 32 boxes. Requests will be coming home with the hope that each student will contribute the item "assigned" so that the class as a whole is able to join together to make up an entire box.

Each box will contain:

20 microwave meals (Soup-at-Hand, Hormel Dinners, Easy Mac, etc.)

16 individual breakfast meals (Pop Tarts, individual cereals, instant oatmeal, breakfast bars)

Individual fruit cups (either a 6 or 8 pack or 2- 4 packs)

1 box of granola bars

1 box of fruit snacks

16-20 100% juice boxes

6-8 packages of cheese or peanut butter crackers

6-8 small bags of chips, pretzels or crackers

6 pack of pudding cups or other dessert

In order to meet our goal of 150 boxes we need your help. If your family or your workplace would like to make an impact and fill an entire box on your own, please stop by the HRE office to pick up a box and a shopping list. Please have individual boxes completed and returned to HRE by December 13th.

If you can’t fill a whole box but are interested in donating additional items, please choose from the list below. We will combine your donation with others who would like to offer their help to fill additional boxes. Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion.

If you know of a family who would benefit from this initiative or if your family is in need, please contact our school counselor at (317) 915-4240. Your request will be handled in a confidential manner.

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