Chupacabra Wanted

Dead or Alive

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Height:3 ft

Color:gray, black, and pink


Eye color:blue


Date of birth:March 1995

History and Habitat

Chupacabra was last seen in Picayune, Mississippi in 1970. If you find Chupacabra you will get a reward of $5,000 remember he could be anywhere by now and also remember dead or alive.


We found traces of chupacabra near Brazil. The traces seem to be skin patches. We also found traces near washington. Those traces were some of chupacabra's teeth.


I do not think this cryptid is real because it is kind of like a dog. The people that apparently saw this cryptid might have actually saw a dog. Also lots of pranks have been played about people seeing criptids so i don't think i believe in them.