Balance of power in Australia

By: William storie

What is the size of the countries area?

Australia's area is 7,692,024 square kilometers. 33% of that is Western Australia. 22% of that is Queensland.17% of of that is Northern Territory. 12.7% of that is South Australia.

What is the population of the country?

Australias estimated population in 2014 is 23,441,653. The biggest percentage of people live in the Victoria and new south whales area.

How we'll educated and united is its population?

Australias education system is almost exactly the same as America. In 2012 they were ranked 13nth in the world for overall education. 75% of there population gets deplomas.

Australia is very united in the fact that everyone that lives there, loves it.

How large and equipped is the countries armed forces?

There army is just over 80,000 soldiers, which makes it the biggest army in Oceania. There army is called the Australian defense force, or ADF for short. Supposedly Australia holds nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological weapons.

Australias major physical features

The eastern highlands hold the tallest mountain range in Australia. The central lowlands

Hold the largest rivers in Australia. The Murray darling basin and Lake eyre basin are the 2 largest rivers in Australia. The western plateau range is mostly flat with little mountain ranges and small rivers.

How productive is the countries economy?

Australias economy is one of the largest capitalist in the world with a GDP(Gross domestic product) of 1.57 trillion U.S dollars. It was the 12th largest economy by nominal GDP. Australia's corporate tax rate is 8th highest rate in the world. The Australian securities exchange stock is the largest stock exchange in the South Pacific.