Hormone Implant

By.Ramon Alvarez

Not into the pill?

Although the birth control pill is about 99.9% affective The pill can have more painful moments and can cause many side affects like headaches, dizziness changes in mood. The birth control implant can have its advantages it can also cause problems physically,but don't ever have to take the pill again and still be protected from pregnancy.

Hormone implant side effects

  • Hormone implants can cause pain,bruising or swelling,infection and scarring.
  • Lead to breast pain,back pain,dizziness,depression and other mood changes.
  • There can also be a effect on there periods.
  • There can also be unpredictable bleeding thats caused by the implant.

Important facts

The implant can last up to 3 years and then having it removed. Although the implant can prevent pregnancy it increases the risk of getting beast cancer. The implant does cost around 100 to 600 dollars depending have many the patients needs.

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