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Population in 2015 is 4.595 million Irish. In 2014 7,604,400 overseas tourists visited Ireland. The average income is USD 27,917. The average temperature is 50°F.

Cultural Information

Political Information

Michael D. Higgins is the 9th and current present of Ireland since 2011. Ireland is mostly independent but is part of the UK.

Famous People

Famous Irish people include Oscar Wilde, Colin O'Donoghue, Jamie Dornan, Evanna Lynch, Katie McGrath, and Andrew Scott.

Tourists Attractions

Tourist Attractions include King John's Castle, Aran Islands, Cliffs of Mother, Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, Drombeg Stone Circle, Dublin Castle, Ross Castle, and the National Library of Ireland.

Famous Historical Event

The first known settlers in Ireland came in 7500BC and Irish culture is mostly Gaelic. Between 1845-1849 a potato blight kills their main food source sending many people to America.

Overview of Ireland

Ireland grows a lot of potatoes and herds cows and sheep. Ireland also does fishing of salmon, pike, trout, and many other kinds too.

Culinary Contribution

Many Irish foods include stew, potatoes, lamb, oats, shellfish, cod, mackerel, Goody-a dessert bread, Soda bread, Potato bread, Barmbrack, Blaa, Black Pudding, Boxty- a kind of potato pancake, Shepherd's pie and a lot of alcohol.

Favorite Recipe

My favorite food from Ireland is potatoes, probably mashed.