Get Your Head in the Game!

The importance of play and games in today's classroom

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High School Musical - Get'cha Head In The Game
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Team Game time!

Think about the importance of games and play in today's classroom. How can we make time for them? We surveyed educators to find the top answers on the board. Come join a family and play the feud! Bring your best ideas to share in this group think session.

You can't choose your family...

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The Griswolds

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What do kids learn when they play?

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What role do games have in the classroom today?

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Share with your family:

•First video game

•Favorite video game

•Where you played it

•On what kind of machine

*What other games did you like to

play as a kid?

*Who did you play with?

Why do kids love to p!ay games?


•Self-chosen and self-directed

•Means are valued in addition to ends

•Structure created by the players


•Active, alert, but non-stressed

What is an engaging activity that you like to use with students?

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How do we get more play time in today's classroom?

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Play with this idea...

Intervention should focus on the thinking not just the skills

Share with your family...

Want to create your own "Family Feud" game:

Here is a link to the template that I used today: