This Is Sparta!!

by Julian and Jack


In Greece, there were city states that were separated by land forms and different geography. They were different in their everyday lives and government. Athens and Sparta were the two most known city states. Sparta was known for their bravery, sacrifice and WAR!! Athens was known for their beauty, art, and education. Sparta was not open to trade and their geography made it hard for them to because they were isolated between mountains. On the other side, Athens was open to trade and learned about other cultures by that. Sparta is better than Athens because of their way of education, their structure of their government, and the war between 431-404 B.C.
Sparta is way better than athens


As you can see, based on their education, government, and facts on the war Sparta had to be better. Sparta and Athens had been at conflict for many years, they have their pros and cons. Sparta had many men and women in the war. Mostly women were just taught to fight for protection but they were aloud to join the army. Otherwise they would just stay home and tend the house while the husband would go to war. This is why Sparta has an upper advantage of ruling Greece than Athens.