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March Newsletter

Letter from Exec Board


We're approaching the end of the semester/year now but feminism does not slow down, y'all. We've saved the best for last... make sure to check out Intersectionality Week! If you aren't familiar with the term, intersectionality describes the ways in which oppressive structures (racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, classism, etc.) are deeply interconnected and cannot be examined separately. The learning opportunities that Intersectionality Week will offer are essential to building our skills as feminists, allies, friends, and community members.

Oh btw, in case you are one to skim newsletters (hi everyone), we just want to point out that this newsletter will also include a Google Form for the Vanderbilt Feminists Executive Board Applications. Everyone is encouraged to apply.


Exec Board

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Unique Perspectives on Face & Gender

Mon. 3/16 | 7pm | Buttrick 202

In this learning symposium, Dr. Shin, Dr. Zamora, and Dr. Patterson will each present an interesting twist on feminism. Topics will range from futurism, black beauty, technology, orientalism, art, class, and poetry. VSW will provide a special performance as well.

"Oppression" & Religion

Tues. 3/17 | 7pm | Buttrick 202

Some claim that religions are patriarchal institutions incompatible with feminism, yet many identify as both feminist & religious. Join a panel of Hillel, MSA, and Interfaith students as well as Dr. Miller-McLemore and Dr. Armour to explore the misconceived incompatibility of religion & feminism.

"What About Us?": Black Exclusion in Feminist Movements

Wed. 3/18 | 7pm | Buttrick 202

NAACP, VF, and Prof. Ross will facilitate a panel featuring black female students and their experiences working within particular social movements. Join us to explore how black women’s needs are being met in each social movement explored.

Misogyny & Trans* Exclusion

Thurs. 3/19 | 7pm | KCPC

What kind of misogyny manifests in the LGBT context? How are trans* folks excluded from both LGBT and feminist circles? Join the discussion with VF and Lambda to explore what feminism has to do with LGBT life & activism.


Vandy Fems Exec Board Apps

Below is the Google Form to apply. If you can't access it, click here to go to a separate page.

Everyone is encouraged to apply!


Other Events to Check Out:

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SCENE & HEARD Fashion Show

Come one, come all, to the GREATEST show of them all! The Vanderbilt Public Relations Societypresents the 6th Annual SCENE & HEARD Fashion Show. This year will be the most anticipated yet- featuring our classic combination of highly touted, local fashion and local philanthropy. This isn't just a fashion show! Come prepared for performances from student groups and a special guest company. Prizes, special gifts, and refreshments will be provided.
All proceeds from the show will benefit Clothe My Children, a non-profit (501c3) organization located in Knoxville, Tennessee that strives to eliminate social inequities caused by the lack of adequate clothing.Tickets can be purchased and are available for $10 at the Sarratt box office, the day of the show at the door, and are available for purchase by students on the card.

  • Location: Vanderbilt University Student Life Center
  • Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015
  • Doors open at 6:30PM
  • Show stars at 7PM
  • Facebook Event

Belcourt Theatre: The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground has garnered passionate reviews and media attention since it's premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by the filmmakers of the Academy Award-nominated The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground is an exposé of sexual assault on U.S. campuses, institutional cover-ups and the brutal social toll on victims and their families. Weaving together verité footage and first-person testimonies, the film follows survivors as they pursue their education while fighting for justice - despite harsh retaliation, harassment and pushback at every level. The film will open in Nashville at the Belcourt Theatre on March 27th.