B.Y.O.D. in the Classroom

Gena Berry - Aledo High School



Instead of asking students to raise their hands to ask questions about the previous night's assignment, they "vote in" their questions anonymously as a go around to check homework. I can get instant feedback that let's me know what students might need me to re-teach before moving on to the next concept. Compared to the traditional raise-of-the hand, I received more questions from students because they were more comfortable asking anonymously. No pressure for them, and very little prep time for me!



I use Remind.com and the Remind app to communicate information daily to both parents and students. Students get out their phones and subscribe in class on the very first day of school! On Open House night, I hand out flyers with subscription instructions for parents. Reminders include assignments, upcoming quiz or test dates, and other important information. Both the students and parents love it!


QR Code Generator

Ms. Berry's Pre-AP Geometry & Ms. Berry's Pre-AP Pre-Calculus

I use School Fusion to make resources easily accessible to both students and parents. Students are encouraged to use these resources both inside and outside of the classroom, and QR codes make accessing these resources even quicker!


I will continue to all of these BYOD tools throughout the year. However, I also plan to use ThatQuiz.org later in the school year. The second semester of Pre-Calculus will begin our study of trigonometry which will require them to memorize and quickly evalute trigonometric ratios in both radian measure and degree measure. ThatQuiz.org will be an excellent way for them to practice both inside and outside of the classroom before taking timed quizzes for a grade.
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These technology tools were very user friendly and worked well in my classroom. They allow students to be actively engaged in the learning process both inside and outside of the classroom. Because I chose tools that didn't require setting up student log-in information for all 130 of my students, preparation time was minimal. Also, the tools helped with classroom management and cut down on some paper work. The biggest challenge was making sure that students without a personal device could still be included and engaged with the technology in some way.