Alysa is cool!

You should be her friend. :)

Alysa's the name (Wear it out if you want.)

Hi! I'm Alysa Poss. And I attend an adorable little high school called Forsyth Central High in Forsyth County, GA (shocker. I know.) I'm a SENIOR (awww yeah Class of 2014!) English is probably my favorite subject in school, since I speak it and such. I also like it because I like to read... yup. I'm that lame kid. :)All I know about my future is that I want to be successful. I'm (hopefully) headed to UGA with my big sister this fall. GO DAWGS! I'm taking this course because my counsellor said I would love it, but I didn't have room in my schedule for a classroom setting. I hope I learn how to save the WORLD, Captain Planet style, through this course. That would be rad. This is my first ever online course, so please, let's be friends! And, I can't wait to meet all of you... well, online. Not technically meeting any of you face to face... anyways...I love Maroon 5 and one day I WILL marry Spiderman (icebreakers, hint hint). Your dearest virtual classmate, Alysa Spiderman  
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