Switzerland Project

By Adriene White 6V

Switzerlands Capitol and Flag meaning

The Capitol of Switzerland is Bern and the meaning of the flag is a white cross used as identification for troops of the Swiss Confederation is first attested at the Battle of Laupen (1339


Goverment of Switzerland

The type of government that Switzerland has is a confederation and federal republic.The leader is Simonetta Sommarugn.The way leaders are chosen is the get elected by citizens.They have an unlimted goverment

Culture of Switzerland

The major languages spoken in Switzerland are Germany,French,Italian and English.The holidays they celebrate are Mothers day,Whit Monday,Christmas day and Ascension day.And they were black clothes with gray dress and boots

Imports and Exports of Switzerland

The imports are Chemicals,Vehicles,Metals,Textiles and Coal.The exports of Switzerland are Chemicals,Metals,Wacthes,Coil and Agricultural Products

Similarities To the USA

One similarities is that the us and Switzerland both have the same suffrage age which is 18 years or older.The next is same religion Roman Catholic.And they both have a president and Federal republic

Diffrences to the USA

One difference is that they both have different ethnic groups and languages US has English Switzerland has Germany and they are different because they don't have the same water source and they are different in culture beliefs

Climate in Switzerland

They type of whether is warm in the summer and cold in winter get about 61% inch rain every year and they don't have many earthquakes but they do have a lot of snowfall.