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Educator Evaluations

The Research and Evaluation department (which consists of myself) has been knee-deep in assessment and evaluation-related projects as of late.

Per current law on Michigan educator effectiveness (which seems to be a moving target as of late), all teachers must be evaluated in part based on student achievement.

As you know, some elective teachers do not have standardized pre- and post- test measures at their disposal. Accordingly, I am in the process of finalizing an evaluation system that approximates such measures by using subject area results from Scantron, EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT results.

The final evaluation process outline will follow shortly.

EXPLORE/PLAN in the Assessment Typology

EXPLORE and PLAN data has been added to the assessment typology. This means that data for your students (if they take either or both assessments) are available at the school, grade, class, and student levels.

To access this data, use the assessment typology on the DEAR site or if you do not have a Tableau account, have your mentor or another Tableau user access it for you.

If you have any questions in this process, feel free to contact me (

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Cambridge ACT Data Dig

11th grade teachers at SIA and UA now have access to item analyses and other reports to help pinpoint at the skill level where to focus instruction with students.

On Friday, 12/5, both buildings had data digs where teachers and administrators were shown how to interpret and use data resulting from the Cambridge ACT, which serves as a practice ACT as well as a pre-test for 11th grade teacher evaluations.

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Establishing Physical Education Dashboards in Tableau

Some P.E. teachers have provided me with data related to their students’ performance.

I am in the process of creating a set of dashboards related to those measures (regarding the Presidential Fitness Test) and will be collaborating with all P.E. teachers with such data in the near future.

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M-Step Introduction

As you may have heard, the MEAP & MME is no more and has, for this school year, been replaced by the M-STEP.

The M-STEP will be administered via paper and pencil at all H.E.S. schools. It will involve traditionally-formatted questions as well as new ones (performance tasks).

There are required classroom activities that will occur before Performance tasks. Details on these will follow.

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