Tyler Noel


Yes.This a problem because they are killing people for no reason.President Obama has decided that the United States must now attack ISIS, if only from the air.The group has former military officers who can fly helicopters, spot artillery, and maneuver in battle. I think it is so stupid to go around and kill people for no reason. They had organized this program in 2012. al qaeda is now apart of the ISIS program, they are one of the most powerful groups in the world right now.

How they are affecting the world.

ISIS is tearing apart countries and ruining families and tearing apart relationships. Did you ever see the YouTube video showing them burning a pilot from Jordan in Asia. So now they are going to war with basically the entire world. Al Quaeda Has slowly started to disappear But the U.S has killed like all of there leaders. Now Al Quaeda has started to join with ISIS.