Challenger shuttle mission

By: Nidhi 7th Pd

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*being transported to the Kennedy Space Center

*it is attached to one of the NASA Shuttle Aircraft

*landed at the Space Center in July 1982

A little bit about the shuttle

*has a lightweight frame so it could handle the stress in space

*it had intense heat and pressure testing before being launched into space

*it's the second shuttle in NASA's orbiter fleet

*it was first built as a test vehicle for the space shuttle program

*first mission STS-6 was launched on April 4th, 1983

The Crew

*mission STS-6 was the only space mission to have a crew of 4 atronauts

*the orbiter's crew included Sally Ride the first female astronaut

*it was the first shuttle to have a crew of 2 female astronauts

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The crew having a little fun in shuttle.

About the missions

*total of 9 successful missions

*the missions included a lot of satellite implementations

*mission STS-8 was the first mission to land and launch at night

After the explosion

* the challenger's service ended in 1986

*completed 9 missions (started the tenth..) in 3 years

*one of the crew members Christa McAuliffe would have been the first teacher in space

*at time, it was the most flown orbiter in NASA's fleet

* 73 seconds into mission STS-51-L, the challenger exploded

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The crew of seven who passed away.

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