Nelson Mandela


*Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Mvezo on July 18, 1918

*His father was the principal councillor to the Acting Paramount Chief of the Thembu. Rolihlahla literally that means "pulling the branch of a tree"

*He recived the name "Nelson" from his teacher when he went to primary

What Did He Believed In? (Cause)

Nelson Mandela Believed in blacks having the same rights as others because he himself was black and he experienced what it was like so he did believed in blacks having the same rights as others because it wasn't fair being mis-treated because of who you are and what color you are! thats why Mandela believed in having rights for black people and that by stopping the apartheid and CHANGED THE WORLD


Nelson Mandela's Methods were very peaceful ways to protest. Non- violent ways. Though he never did much protesting, because he was in prison for a while.

Why did Nelson Mandela go to prison?

Nelson Mandela was one of the founding leaders of a political group known as the African National Congress. He was devoted to peaceful demonstrations, but eventually turned to violence. The ANC and MK (Guerrilla forces) planned to sabotage key strategic locations and civilian buildings in their "fight for freedom". Basically Mandela can be defined as a modern-day terrorist. In fact, Margaret Thatcher the British Prime Minister, issued this statement during 1987. "The ANC is a typical terrorist organisation. Anyone who thinks they will rule South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo land". So, Nelson was convicted of treason (trying to derail the government), and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.


I personally think that Nelson Mandela's methods worked With acts of terrorism and by spending many years in jail. Eventually his Group convinced the world and the white minority in South Africa that black people of South Africa should have equal standings and rights.