It Can be Done Africa

Helping the people of Tanzania

It Can be Done Africa Background

"It Can be Done Africa" is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 operating in Uru, Tanzania that is helping to bring in the resources of clean water, economic help, health, educational help.

Various citizens and donors in the United States saw these issues in Tanzania and felt they should take action as they donated and started this organization.

Volunteer Work

The volunteer work done also focuses on the clean water and women's rights in Tanzania. A massive project is underway in Uru to make sure their is a sustainable amount of fresh water in the area. Another is helping women have the right they deserve in the area. It is stressed to the area that people should be free and do what they please without fear.

Partners: "It Can be Done Africa" partners with other organizations helping in Tanzania. The causes helping crime in Dodoma, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar are supporters.


The similarity between Barbara Joyce and Orville Redenbacher is their caring. Orville Redenbacher cared about the product and the people eating it while Barbara Joyce cared about the people in Tanzania that she is helping.

Difference: The difference between the two is what they do. Redenbacher created a great popcorn product while Barbara Joyce created an organization to help the people of Tanzania.