Martin's Memos

Volume 1, Issue 31: May 4, 2018

This Week


Please read through this newsletter and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Pay special attention to the upcoming optional student-led end of year conferences!

Have a great weekend!


-Ms. Kate Martin

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Inaugural Year Art Project

As our year is coming to a close, we wanted to commemorate our inaugural year in some way. We decided that a tile art project would be an ideal way for this year's students to each create something that will last and can be displayed for years to come. We will also make it movable so it can be transferred to Meadows.

We are asking that parents send in a $3 donation per student to offset the costs associated with purchasing the tiles and other paint/sealant materials. Please send in the money by May 3rd.

Proud Teacher Moments!

I'm proud of ALL of my students, but this small part of my newsletter is dedicated to a few different students each week and what has impressed me about their personal growth!

This week:

  • Kailey, Sarah, Xavier: I'm so proud of the growth you've shown this week! All 3 of you worked hard and took your time. :)

Optional Student-Led End of Year Conferences

To summarize and reflect on our year, the students will prepare to lead an end-of-year conference. This is an optional conference for you to attend, however I believe it will be a fantastic opportunity for your child to share their strengths, areas for improvement, favorite assignments/projects/products and goals for the future. If you choose not to sign up, please email me and I can send home the sheet for your child to do the conference at home on their own.

Sign Up Here:


  • Writing & Reading: This week we have continued our writing group research project on Exploration and took the Reading MAP test Tuesday.

  • Math: All Groups: End of year review and Math MAP Test.

  • Science: We continued our FOSS unit on Environments this week. The students learned the environmental factors of aquatic ecosystems. We also learned about the intricacies of food webs and how they are affected by population changes.

  • Enrichment:Students continued their 6th enrichment project. Check it out here.

  • mSTEP Prep continued!

Looking Forward to Next Week


  • mSTEP Tests on Tuesday and Thursday!

  • Writing & Reading: We will continue our group research project and will be learning about how to explore and interpret art related to our reading. mSTEP Language Arts test.

  • Math: All Groups: End of year review and Math mSTEP Test.

  • Science: We will continue a FOSS unit on environments.

  • Enrichment: We will continue our 6th enrichment project.

Standardized Testing Dates

MSTEP Testing is NEXT WEEK! I'm hoping for 100% attendance!

Since our GT classes share our own chromebook cart, we are in a unique position because we are able to schedule our end-of-year testing dates to meet our needs. Our testing dates are as follows:

5/8/18: Reading m-STEP

5/10/18: Math m-STEP

All tests will be done in the morning. For the m-STEP only the GT 3rd graders will be testing in Ms. Gierman's room and the GT 4th graders will be testing in my room.

Self-Reflective Learning: Organization

This week we discussed being INTENTIONAL.

  • Specifically regarding our habits of mind and our daily mental attitude, we want to come into school knowing exactly what's expected and what our goals are for that day, week, month and year.
  • We want to know where we are heading, not coming in with an aimless attitude!

Wildcat Walkers!

Wildcat Walkers is Woodland's optional lunchtime recess walking program that promotes physical fitness. 1st-5th graders may walk or run laps during their lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays (weather permitting). Parent volunteers will help keep track of their laps in order to earn a "toe token" ....

3 laps = 1 mile on our trail

5 miles walked = 1 toe token

General Information

  • Homework
-Independent Reading: Minimum 20 minutes

-Literature Circles: Reading and "job"


-Daily math homework M-Th

  • Please check your child's agenda nightly by initialing under "Parent Signature". I will also initial it in the morning to confirm they have written the correct information down.
  • Friday Folders: They were sent home today! Please take out all the sheets and return the folder MONDAY.
  • Bagel Sales! Pre-Order on Wednesdays of each week. All varieties cost $1, cash only. Bagels are delivered on Fridays.
  • Order online at and use our class code R3CHK if you need books!

Upcoming Important Dates

5/1-5/10 MAP/mSTEP Testing Window

5/8 Art Show/Ice Cream Social @ 6-7:30

5/11 1/2 Day

5/28 Memorial Day - No School

6/14 1/2 Day

6/15 1/2 Day - Last Day of School

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