By Jesscia Lateur, Nicole Kay and Giuliana Tanner


Giselle is a 22 year old former medical student recovering from anorexia. Holly is her 14 year old younger sister thats just trying to fit in. Holly is very worried about Giselle and her eating disorder. Even though Giselle is going through so much, she still has time for a boyfriend named Solomon. This concerns Giselle's mother and her doctors. Years before, their father passed away from a heart failure. As much as Giselle loved her father, a part of her knew that somehow they were two completely different people.
This book is based on the real struggle that many teens face today with their body. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized by immoderate food restriction, poor eating habits, or obsession with having a thin figure. Anorexia nervosa is nine times more common in females than males.
What Causes Anorexia Nervosa? - Dr. Stephen Touyz Eating Disorders Sydney Australia FAQ

Person vs. self

Giselle is internally fighting "she" or the voice in her head telling her shes fat. Many people around the world face this same struggle that sets Giselle back from reality. She is constantely fighting with herself to try and become normal for everyones sake.