Tech Tip Tuesday

February 9, 2016

Tech Minute

In this week’s tech minute, we will learn what a PDF file is and how to convert a file to a PDF file.

Link from Technology Minute Video Portal

How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?

But with so much information easily available, does it make us smarter? Compared to the generations before who had to adapt to the Internet, how are those who grew up using the Internet — the so-called “Google generation” — different? Find out here.

Upcoming In-service Opportunities

February 11: Excel Basic (3:45-5:15)

February 18: Compass Learning (3:45-5:15)

March 9: Tech Smack Down part 1 (3:45-4:45)

March 16: Tech Smack Down part 2 (3:45-4:45) Must attend part 1

March 23: Office 365 Advanced (3:45-5:15)

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