Rabbits and their relitives. By:Phoenix


I don’t sneeze! That’s right you don’t sneeze when you go near or even touch one of these furry animals. Rabbits are safe to have when you are allergic to fur. Rabbits are great pets to have.

Hares are Rabbits?

No. hares are close relatives. They have longer ears, and longer legs. Also a hare can hop when it is an hour old. They are born with fur. A rabbit can hop when it is one week old. Rabbits are also born with no fur. A Snowshoe rabbit is a hare really. Also a Jackrabbit is a hare. A rabbit is born with their eyes closed. Rabbits can leave their nest when they are two weeks old. I say rabbits are cooler then hares.


Rabbits have a verity of food. “Give your rabbit a morning meal of special rabbit mix.” Honer Head writes in his book My Pet Rabbit. Rabbits are called pests because they eat low growing plants. Like herbs. They also eat vegetables, also many fruits. You should always clean out the stale fruit, and put fresh fruit in their hutch. You should have a bowl that cannot chewed through or tipped over, for the food. Now you know how to keep your rabbit healthy by the food!

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Sick Rabbit!

Oh no, my rabbit is sick! How do you know, how can you tell? Well look at its fur, is it full of patches? Look at your rabbits eyes, are they dull or clouded? Also look at your rabbits teeth. Are they long? If they are you should get a piece of wood. So I would go and call the vet!

Bye Nest, Hello World!

Finally a bunch of rabbits is two weeks old. Now they can take care of themselves. Once they are eight months old they will follow their mothers lead, and find a mate. Then she will have a kitten. Then the kitten will grow up and do the same. They will do that for centuries.

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Now you know how to tell a rabbit from a hare. I hope you learned a lot. I hope you will save these animals by recycling your papers. That will help with the trees a rabbits, and a kitten’s home!