Kiker Staff Development

January 4, 2016

A new adventure...

Kiker teachers, I am going to try something new with technology. I wasn't sure how to do this when I started, but that is how we jumping out there and taking a risk. So here we go...

Please read and follow the directions in this SMORE. You may begin as soon as you get this email. You also have the choice of waiting until January 4th at 8am to work. It is due by 3:30 on January 4th. This is designed to be a 6 hour or less assignment (including SSIS). (This is intended to be as long as your day would be [or shorter] if you were ON CAMPUS sitting in staff development.)

(Your SSIS does NOT have to be completed until January 24th faculty meeting. However, it MUST be done by Jan. 24, 2016.)

Once you have completed this SMORE, you have completed your obligation for January 4th.

PS. When I started out to make this for you I DID NOT know what a SMORE was, or how to create google forms. (And no, there is no roasting marshmallows involved.)

If you have any questions, or need help you can contact me any day up until the break or anytime on the 4th.

Okay, let's get started. Simply follow the directions you see.

Watch the video-click on link below.

Answer the questions. Click on the link below.

Promoting student ownership of learning

Whenever possible, site evidence and/or additional resource links.

Read the article-click on link below.

Read the article-Click on the link below.

Answer the questions. Click on the link below.

Technology Integration...the potential for teaching and learning.

Now it is your turn Kiker Teachers: Create your own SMORE.

Log in and create a SMORE account. It is free to log in and create your own SMORE account at The purpose of your SMORE is to teach or reinforce TEKS or teach the faculty about one technology resource that can be used with students.


Your SMORE should have the following:

One video embedded.

One website link.

At least four questions for the participant to answer.

At least three activities to complete; for example, watch a movie, read an article, go to a website, answer questions.

Fill in your SMORE link into the next google doc so I can go and view it.