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Jamberry Nails is a new company that offers a level of pampering and austerity for the modern woman - trendy nails from the most subtle pink to the boldest patterns. Easy to apply and long lasting, Jamberry Nails are a must for busy moms, fashionistas, teens, divas, children, nail techs-- basically anyone!

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With an amazing compensation plan, bonuses and perks-- no wonder women from all over the U.S. are taking advantage of this chic, trendy business opportunity. When you join Jamberry Nails you will receive the above consultant kit which contains everything you need to start your very own business. Not only that, but as part of my team you'll receive one-on-one support from me to help achieve your goals! Join today or contact me.

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Join Jamberry today and start saving your Christmas cash! We get paid weekly, so you can start earning and saving right away. Many of your friends and family and their friends and family are starting to make their lists, and Jamberry would be a great item to add!

Monica Miller, Executive & Founder's Club Consultant

When I joined on with Jamberry, I had never tried the product. I signed on to help out a friend and that decision ended up changing my life. Never did I think my personal life, finances and self-esteem would change like this. I'm so happy I made the choice!