Schultz's Super Stars

Room 205

Aug 29th- Sept 1st

Parents- No School Friday ( 9/2) or Monday 9/5)

We had a great week. We talked about our feelings, the letter Ee, and squares this week.

We also started our Brigance screening. This "test" helps us know where each child is starting out so the teachers know where to start. The kids did very well listening to directions.

We practiced a lockdown drill this week. We definitely need to keep practicing how to stay "lil mouse quiet" during a lockdown. Some of the kiddos were a little scared of having to stand in the dark, but we talked about why it has to be dark and why we need to be so quiet. We do these once a month, as well as weather and fire drills, so the kids are ready if it really happens.

If you ever need to know dates of workshops, they are usually posted below in the "Dates to Remember" section of these newsletters.

Of course if you ever have any questions, concerns, or info please let me know.

Party Freeze Dance - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Circle Time

Dates to remember

9/2& 9/5- No school

9/6- PATT theme 2 with Mrs Barker 10 am @ Head Start

9/7- Empowering parents workshop 10 am @ Head Start

9/13- Read with Me Moms & Dads from 10-11 @ Head Start with Ms Ellis

9/14- Behavior and Mental Health Workshop from 10-11@ Head Start

9/16- Grandparents Day Brunch 9am @ Head Start RSVP with Ms Ellis