The Diary Of A Young Girl

By: Madeline Ford (Book by Anne Frank)


Imagine yourself stuck in an attic, for two years. Your food is all rotten, your clothes barley fit, and you're exhausted and bored. These are just some of the feelings Anne Frank experienced while in hiding. Based on a true story, this diary tells the story of Anne Frank, her family, and a few friends who are go into hiding after they learn the Nazi's are occupying the Netherlands. In his tragic tale, Anne tells the entire experience from her perspective. Immersive yourself in her life. Complete with real conflicts faced such as, starvation, boredom, burglaries, bombs, heartbreak, and the everlasting fear of being caught, this book is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Powerful writing

There were quite a few powerful parts in the story, but one seemed to stand out from the rest. When Anne was discussing regular life in the "Secret Annex," she talked about how much she wanted to go back to the way she lived. How she felt so free back when she could go outside, and now she's stuck until the end of the war. I found this powerful because it really gives you a realistic feeling of how she would have felt.