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March 25, 2021


Dear Families,

As I write, our teachers are moving about a student-less building in preparation for what I've been thinking of in my head as our second first day of school this year. In just over one week's time, our school building will burst once again with the excitement and energy that comes from starting anew. Our custodial team is busy assembling and delivering desks to classrooms. Educators are drawing up plans for both academic and pro-social learning in the opening days of April. Classroom teachers are rearranging configurations to welcome classes full of students. Special educators are building schedules that will best support all learners. Coaches and mental health team members are collaborating with colleagues ahead of a big transition for many students. Our office team is coordinating the countless logistics that we typically only see in August, but are just as happy to welcome now.

One of the main conditions that have led us to be able to feel safe in our full reopening next month is the layering of our mitigation strategies. Students have exceeded our expectations with mask-wearing. Our school's structure and setup have allowed us to maintain appropriate distancing. Time dedicated to handwashing, and strict adherence to staying home when we're not well has allowed us great in-person success.

More recently, our use of COVID pool testing has added to our mitigation efforts, allowing us to provide an additional layer of safety for our community. Thanks in large part to our wonderful health staff, we have conducted testing for several weeks that has not interrupted learning or caused physical/emotional discomfort for students. With a quick turnaround time on tested samples and the availability of near-instant, on-site reflex testing, no negative students in positive pools have missed in-person learning time. At the same time, we've been able to identify positive cases that we would not have otherwise. In other words, our pool testing initiative has been a success. That said, we are hoping to increase the number of families participating. If you haven't already, please sign up to participate in weekly pool testing at Haynes.

Finally, please look foward to information from me next week outlining practices and routines to prepare for and plan around for our full return on April 5.


Jeff LaBroad


Click here to sign your child up to for pool testing

All students must have prior parent permission to be tested.

Submit your dismissal plans today!

Please log in to the Aspen Family Portal to enter the permanent dismissal plan for each of your children at Haynes. Click here for instructions and a link to login. Please have your plans entered no later than Monday, March 29. Options continue to include BUS, CAR PICKUP, WALKER/BIKER and SED.

As you complete your form, please note that the walker line is intended for students who will walk or bike home, not for students to be picked up by car on a neighboring side street. Dismissal processes, including those for car pickups, are coordinated between the school and Sudbury Police. Please do not plan to subvert the car pick-up line process.

Changes in dismissal, either permanent or temporary should continue to be sent to our office at haynes_office@sudbury.k12.ma.us.

A Message from the School Counselor

Dear Haynes Families,

I hope you are all having a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine we have been having in these first few days of spring.

You have been supporting your children as they continue to work so hard this year adapting to so many changes. If I ever need a reminder about the strength and resilience of humankind, I have your children as constant examples.

In thinking about the upcoming transitions your children and family will experience starting April 5th, I wanted to let you know that our mental health team will be working closely with all classrooms to provide social-emotional support. As one means of support, I will be continuing routine whole class SEL lessons on a weekly basis for the first two weeks, and then a rotating schedule for the remainder of the school year.

If I currently see your child for individual or group counseling, in light of the school changes taking place beginning April 5th, the delivery of services will therefore change too. With community building being a central feature of the April 5th transition, for some students their needs might best be met through whole class SEL lessons for the rest of this year, while others might benefit from small group or individual counseling. These determinations will be made based on observed need here, and your feedback about home. All changes will be made in support of the least restrictive and most helpful schedule to meet student needs.

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions, comments, or concerns.

Warm Regards,

Veronica Rogers

Welcome Nora Grace Blanchette!

Haynes Assistant Principal Cara Blanchette and her husband Kenny welcomed their second daughter on March 14. Mom, dad and Nora are doing well, as is new Big-Sister Bridget!
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Coming Next Week...

Please look forward to information related to our full return, hitting your inboxes next week. Topics to share will include:


...and much more!

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March 25-26

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Asynchronous Virtual Learning Day

Thursday, April 1

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Friday, April 2

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Monday, April 5

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3:30 Haynes School Council Meeting

Thursday, April 8

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