April News

New products, new stylist special, Mother's Day and more!

Have you ever wondered about Stella & Dot as a business?

If someone had told me 4 years ago I would be going to people's homes and styling hostesses and guests in accessories I would have laughed in disbelief. I was introduced to Stella & Dot first as a guest, then I was a hostess... and after going through a period that Christmas where I was short on cash, I realized I needed a way to create some extra income without having to go back to school to retrain. Something flexible that I could fit in around my full time massage therapy job. Something I'd enjoy. Something that could help me earn great income with relatively little time investment (ie. more than part time work at minimum wage!).

What I've realized since becoming a stylist and building a team of fellow stylists? I can't imagine my life without it now! It's more than the accessories. Don't get me wrong, they are truly wonderful. It's the flexibility, the ability to work when and how I choose, the women I've met who have become my new friends along the way, the new skill sets I've developed both by doing shows and working with my team, it's the ability to get out of the house more and reconnect with my inner stylish self (cause let's face it, massage therapy doesn't exactly allow for much dressing up and going out!).

Mostly, it's about the happiness I've found doing this and the things it's helped me achieve. I'll have most of my outstanding debt paid off by the end of 2013. I will have gotten to travel to San Francisco and, this summer, to Las Vegas for the annual national sales conference. I've connected with my personal and business goals in ways I simply hadn't been doing till now and the larger community of Stella & Dot stylists has spurred me on and helped me get here. I'm happier, more joyful, and haven't looked back!

Is Stella & Dot something you'd enjoy? Is it something you can use to help you achieve your goals? Those are questions only you can answer... and you won't know unless you try it. I'd love to sit down with you over coffee (in person or on the phone) and answer any questions you might have about Stella & Dot and being a stylist. Here's a link that will give you most of the information you'd need before we chat: http://www.stelladot.com/sites/monicam/stylist

Worst thing that could happen? You earn back your initial investment plus 25-30% commission on all your sales, you earn tons of free product in your first 60 days with our product booster program, you meet some fabulous women, you learn a few new skills, and you can look back and say you tried and it wasn't for you. Plus, you get to keep all the jewelry, scarves, and tote bags! (Hmmm... that seems kind of awesome, doesn't it?)

Best thing that can happen: you create your own story and make a great income doing so. That's worth a sit down over coffee to find out, isn't it?


Stella & Dot isn't the same old jewelry company you thought you knew!! We launched a new collection of tote bags and scarves this spring. Some styles have already flown off the shelves and are sold out!! Who could have predicted that the collection would be such a HUGE success?! Good news is we have tons of styles left for you to shop from and those sold out items will be restocked soon. Check out the summer collection video!
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