The Life That Doesn't Fly By

Suchir Agarwal

Some Background

Hey there. If you're a man, step aside, cause I wanna talk to the

lady birds out there. I'm a peacock, my name is Raj, and although I might just look flashy, I go deep on the inside. Most say that I'm the opposite of cold-blooded, so keep that in mind. I might not be able to fly, but there's more to me than just that. Please do not judge me on the fact that I can not fly, that is the one downside, and I would like you to overlook that. I'm friendly and don't usually freak out, but I will always protect another organism that I care about. I don't just date peacocks, I'm up for all kinds of you nice female birds out there.

My Dream Date

I always imagined my dream date as being a nice stroll through the woods. Depending on the type of girl you are, I could either strut my stuff (my feathers), or I could keep them hidden. We could get something fancy to eat, like snails or insects. At the end, we could get some nice drinks, such as water in a nice pond. I also imagined that those weird animals called humans could give us some nice sweet treats as dessert. That is all that I imagined as a dream date