Intolerable Acts

On March 5, 1770 Parliament repealed the duties, except for the one on tea. The Boston Massacre also occured on the same day. This lead to the Royal Governor to evacuate any of the army from Boston. In 1774, after the French and Indian war had ended, the British started to obtain greater benefits from the colonies. This led to the Boston Tea Party. As a result King George III created the Intolerable Acts, this would punish the colonists. These are the acts. The Boston Port Bill: effective June 1, 1774, this closed the harbor to everything except British shops. The Quartering Acts: established March 24, 1765, the colonists had to house and feed Britsih troops theat were sent to Boston. If they didn't they were shot. The Administration of Justice Acts: effective May 20, 1774, this stated that no British Officials could could be punished within the colonies, they had to be brought back to Britian to have trial, if needed. The Massachusetts Government Act: effective May 20, 1774, the British Governor was in charge of all twon meetings in Boston. The Quebec Act: established May 20, 1774, this extended the Canadian borders to cut off the western colonies of Connecticut, Massachusettes, and Virginia.