How The Romans Got Entertained

By Oscar Iannone


These are some of the things that entertained the romans.- In 30bc to 250bc in Rome, the romans wanted to be entertained. One entertainment they had was Chariot Racing. They loved the competitive spirit. Also Gladiator battles was a entertainment they had. The Romans would sometimes bring out Lions and Savage beasts. The romans last big entertainment is watching plays. The actors would have happy or sad masks depending on the play. Women weren't aloud to be in plays so men and young boys would have to take their part in the play. These are the things that entertained the romans.


Hippodrome - An ancient Greece Theater used for Chariot racing.

-The Charioteers took their final lap in the Hippodrome.

Plebians- Just regular Citizens.

There were Plebians surrounding the Theater that held actors.

Seneca- Someone who writes things

The Seneca wrote a story for the citizens.

Connection I Had

One connection I had is that the Romans were fearless and determined. I think that because The Romans didn't give up on trying to entertainment themselves. And I connect that to the Olympics. Because the people who are trying to get a gold medal in things have to be fearless and determined to be on top of their game and accomplish their goal. This is one connection I had.
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The Chariots of Rome