King barricade

This might be the most fun game you will ever play

Equipment list

-5 mats for each team


-The gym

How to set up

First,build a fort as instructed look at the imageblog

second,put pennies on each corner

Then,one single penny in the middle of the castle (golden pinnie)

finally,put the class into 2 teams

How to play

first, you need to get all the pinnies from off the mats in the corners

second, you need to push all the mats down once all the pinnies are taken

finally, you need to get the golden pinnie once all mats are down


First,you can be tagged

second,if tagged go to jail

Then,you can only get out of jail if your team member frees you

Fourth,you and your team member can get a free walk back when tagged

fifth,when bring the mats down make sure no one is behind the mats

next,when tagging someone do not push them

finally,try to be truthful

I hope you have fun