Halo: the thusday war

Book made by: karen traviss flyer made by :TJ b


professer phillips, naomi, mal, dev, 'vadam, 'telcam, jul 'Mdama.

rising action

Phillips steped through a forerunner portal. Kilo-five was sent to phillips' last location and could't find him.But an elite named 'telcam is tring to find and kill the professer.


they capture 'telcam and get the professer. jul is captured by the unsc and planes to escape and his wife raja 'mdama is going to get jul out.

falling action

found out about {requiem} jul had never heard of it be fore and thought it was a myth word. and is trying to find out how to get a portal out of the UNSC infinity. he thinkes the professer is trying to taunt him


raja dies jul gets out and hes getting help to find the didact