Cambodian Genocide

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When it all Started

It all started on April 17, 1975, when a man named "Pol Pot" lead the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge was an attack on the farmers of Cambodia, but he did not stop there. Within 3 years of Pol Pot's horrible attack, 25% of the nations population had been killed. They had been killed by starvation, execution, disease, overwork, or in a detention. One specific detention was S-21; at this detention only 7 of the roughly 20,000 people there survived. Later on, in 1979, a Vietnamese army came and stopped the Khmer Rouge once and for all! Pol Pot and the rest of his people that were responsible for the mass murder did not have Nuremberg defense behind them because he and all other criminals responsible for mass murders got it taken away from them. Pol Pot later died in 1998 without ever being brought to justice.

Photos From the Khmer Rouge

More Information on the Khmer Rouge

The Khmer Rouge was a extremely rough 4 years for the people of Cambodia. Not only because of the numerous deaths, but also because of the depression of people who lost loved ones. All of this happened because of Pol Pot, and his plan to nationalize and centralize the farmers of Cambodia. On April 17, 1975, when the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh, the capitol, they forced many people to leave behind their belongings and do as they were told. Pol Pot's force grew very rapidly to over 700,000 men. They didn't just force the average people to leave their houses, they also forced hospital patients. Many children ran through the streets screaming in terror; not knowing what or why it was happening just knowing they were terrified.

More About Pol Pot

Pol pot was a Cambodian male born in 1925 in central Cambodia in a farming family. When he was 20 years old he went to Pairs with a scholarship to study radio electronics but he became absorbed in Marxism and neglected his studies of radio electronics. He lost his scholarship and went back to Cambodia. In 1962, he became the leader of the Cambodian communist party and he had to flee into the jungle so he could escape the wrath of prince norodom sianouk. He later died in 1998 at the age of 72.
Highly Historic - Cambodian Genocide (Pol Pot)

Facts to Know

1. Pol Pot was born on May 19, 1925.

2. Pol Pot died on April 15, 1998.

3. There was more than one detention during the Khmer Rouge.

4. 25% of Cambodia's population died during the Khmer Rouge.

5. Pol Pot's real name was Saloth Sar.

6. Cambodia is a south eastern Asian country.


Pol Pot's attack on Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 will go down in history as one of the worst genocides. From the mass killing to the physical labor it was a very rough 4 years for the people of Cambodia. From this horrid attack 25% of Cambodia's population was killed in many different ways. The Khmer Rouge was stopped by a Vietnamese army in 1979 for forever. Pol Pot later died in 1998 without ever being brought to justice.

Words You May Not Know

Cambodia- A small southeast Asain country.

Detention- A labor of killing center run by the leader of the genocide.

Genocide- A mass murder specifically of a race or area.

Nuremberg Defense- A group that would help you prove not guilty in court.

Marxism- Political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

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