Transition Plus January 14

Be where your feet are

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.


It’s that time again! Many Native American students in Minneapolis are doing great work in and out of the classroom. Students are involved in many extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural activities, performing arts and leadership in the community.

MPS Indian Education hosts an annual Native American Achievement Celebration for students High 5 through 12th grade to highlight their hard work and dedication to their education.

This year, we celebrate the achievements of our Native students on:

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 5:30-7:30pm at South High School

As district staff and community partners, you work with our students and see their brilliance every day. We invite you to nominate any Native American student you believe should be recognized for their success this year.

Nominations can be made online HERE

Nominations are currently open and will be accepted until Monday January 28th, 2019.

Once you submit a nomination, you will be sent a personal invitation for your student and their family to attend the celebration. We ask that you present the invitation to them yourself, so that you can continue to build your relationship to the student.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Wilson at or by phone at 612-668-0108.

Course requests for Semester 2 have been distributed to advisors. Thank you for helping your students complete it in a timely manner!

  • Due Friday, January 18th to Rachel Prince
  • Please review to ensure there is no duplication of classes and that classes align with IEP goals
  • See descriptions of Basic Cooking & Food Service classes and help students register accordingly
  • Note that all Tech classes, Drivers Ed, and Math 1 courses are YEAR LONG. If a student is currently registered in that course, they will remain in that course unless otherwise indicated by a case manager.

Caylah Stewart-Spry is Cookie Cart's Rising Star for January.



MCIS (Minnesota Career Interest System) training is scheduled for Monday, Jan 14 at 8:30 in Fredrick's room

We will have a presenter from Step Up here on Thursday, January 17 in Tom's room both 1st & 2nd hour. Please let Tom know if you will be sending a student to ensure we have adequate seating. Step Up provides paid summer internships for independent students who live in Mpls

Here is the school wide engagement plan for staff to share with students.

It will also be posted on each floor.

Project Search

Do you have a student who wants to apply to be an intern with Project SEARCH at Children's Hospital or Hennepin Health next school year? Check their date of birth to confirm that they have at least a year of eligibility left and consider getting started on some items for the application packet.

Project SEARCH applications will be available in early February in T227- the work coordinator office. Meanwhile, you can help your student gather some of the needed items together.

Each candidate will need: a resume, 2 letters of recommendation, their high school transcript, their immunization record, a photo of themselves, a copy of their most recent eval, and a copy of their current IEP. All of the items must be submitted together.

Please come to T227 with any Project SEARCH questions.

On January 16, 23 and 30 from 4:15-6:00 some members of Adult Education will be playing pickleball and would like to extend an invitation to our staff.

There will be two nets and six extra paddle so come try it out!

SEL Work Groups

There will be two opportunities for staff to deepen the work of SEL- We are a part of a grant. The grant will include some time to meet as a group and then to meet regularly after hours as determined by each team. We will be partnering with staff at Longfellow for these opportunities.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities and are a licensed staff member. Please let me know.

  • The first group will be exploring SEL and Project Based Learning
  • The second group will be expanding advisory activities from the work done this past summer- Ideally we would also like representation from Team 1 on here too.

TPlus Library

Exciting news...TPlus will have a student library!

Anyone with suggestions should contact Jason.

Suggestions for materials can be added here.

February is African American Heritage Month which is a great time to reflect on the community we build with our friends, family and neighbors.

We can make this year's celebration meaningful with some preparation. As a building, we can do anything from inviting families for coffee to preparing students to reflect on and share their thoughts and journeys to inviting people from the community to help celebrate.

Tell Colleen your ideas for how to make it meaningful for our students and our community and how you are willing to participate in making that happen.

It is time to start planning for 2nd Semester CBI Modules. Some module pairings from 1st semester can be repeated if needed/appropriate.

Each teacher shall facilitate 2 rounds per semester. If you didn't facilitate a module in round 3, you are a good candidate to facilitate in round 4.

February 1st will come upon us VERY quickly after the break so it would be a good idea to make a plan before break.

MPS Wellness - 2019

Whether you have a New Year's resolution or a personal health goal, MPS rewards you for engaging in health and well-being activities. Log into to learn more about our wellness offerings.

  • NEW in 2019: Earn the wellness rate on health insurance through our enhanced Vitality platform. Simply earn 2500 points between now and October 13, 2019 and you will qualify for the lowest level co-pays or deductibles in 2020.

  • An Apple a Day: Back by popular demand, MPS will once again be offering the pilot Apple Watch Program through Vitality. Pay an initial activation fee + taxes and finance the remaining costs through physical activity. The more you move, the less you pay! Learn more about this pilot program on the staff intranet. A limited number of watches will be available starting in January. If you miss the first wave, mark your calendar for February 17 and March 17 when additional watches become available. After March, the pilot program will close for the 2019 calendar year.

  • Challenge yourself: Throughout the month of January and February, we will be hosting an Active Rewards Challenge. Download the Vitality Today mobile app and activate your weekly physical activity targets. Each week, we'll pick one lucky winner that has met their weekly target for additional incentives and rewards! E-mail for help getting started.

Stay tuned for more news, reminders and challenges.

Just a reminder--

  • If you need to leave early, notify Jason if he is not available, let Daphne know. You also need to let Traci know so the office staff is aware of arrangements you have made. Sign out in the staff sign out book and punch out if you have a time card.

  • Everyone should sign in. There have been instances where staff intercepts a visitor before the office staff has a chance to ask the person to sign in. Please support us in ensuring that all visitors have signed in. This includes district staff who are visitors to our building.

  • If you need to order materials or goods for an upcoming class or project, please let Traci know as far in advance as possible. The purchasing department has launched a new system and for now, it may take a bit longer than usual to get orders.

  • Payroll should be entered by Friday payday. Traci starts approving on Monday morning and continues through Tuesday. If you enter or change anything on ESS after Tuesday at 4:00, you will need to let Traci know.

Please refer to the payroll schedule here

Hey Transition Plus Community!

We as students in the Leadership Module have spent the past few weeks working diligently on developing a Food Drive we can operate here at T Plus! The following are details on how the drive will operate, including collection/storage methods, what kinds of donations we are looking for, and what the grand prize for the advisory that brings in the most food is!

Transition Plus Community Food Drive

  • Advisories will compete against one another to bring in the most non-perishable food between January 14th and January 31st.

  • The advisory that brings in the most donations, will win a pizza/movie party!

  • We are asking for non-perishable items, this includes canned meats/fish, peanut butter & jelly, soups, cereals, pastas and much more!

  • Students from the Leadership Module will deliver grocery bags to advisories for food storage, they can also collect full bags from classrooms and store them in a safe location until the end of the month if advisories would prefer that!

The donations will be delivered to local food shelves that contribute to keeping our Minneapolis community fed.

We thank you in advance for your spirited participation and generosity in supporting your students and our broader Transition Plus Community!

B-I-N-G-O Fever!

Thanks to everyone who has made our TPlus Bingo a success, it works because so many people come together to support this all school activity. If you would like to help in a new way, consider assisting with prizes/winners, donating a prize, or being a Bingo Buddy for our students who may need some extra help playing. Some classrooms struggle to cover all their students/cards, and would appreciate the help. See Peter or a teacher to request/offer help.

New item prizes are welcome, we had some very excited students just before break win Movie and Popcorn, Phase 10, Pokemon and other prizes. Do you have gifts you received over break that you would consider donating? Gift cards? DVD/Blu-rays? Our storage is limited, but let’s keep interesting and student friendly prizes coming, thanks for your help!

Textbook Replacement Funds

We have a limited amount of money to use for replacement books, literature, etc. Please think of books that are needed to reinforce your class library, curriculum room, etc.

Send your lists to Traci no later than January 21st.

Upcoming at TPlus

Monday -------- MCIS Training ----- 8:30------ Fredrick's room

---------------------- Non tenured mtg- 8:30 ------Molly's room

Tuesday ------- Team 2 mtg--------- 8:30 -------Patricia's room

---------------------- Visit TPlus---------- 5:00-7:00

Wednesday----Team 3 mtg-------- 8:30 ------- Brad's room

-----------------------SEL/ Advisory----8:30-12----- TBD

Thursday-------- Team 1 mtg------ 8:30--------- Jake's room

----------------------- Site Council------4:30-6------- Small Cafe

Friday ------------ ILT---------------------8:30---------- T312

----------------------- SEL/PBL --------- 8:30-12----- Longfellow Community School

Monday January 21------- Martin Luther King's Birthday---- No School

Wednesday January 23-- SEA meeting 10-10:25 & 10:30-10:55----Engagement room T312

Thursday, January 24th will be an all staff PD day - All staff are expected to be here this day instead of January 25th- (exceptions for those who are required to go to CPI or CPR- ideally I would like you to try to schedule this on a different day)

Friday, January 25th will be the record keeping day for T Plus

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