Bubble Popping

Don't do it

As You Know

Bubble popping can be very annoying, especially when your in a room that's completely quiet. The constant popping of the gum can be very irritating, and annoying. Whenever someone makes the annoying popping you can easily get angered. You can tell the person to stop because they will think your kidding and continue.

What you can do

You can't stop people from blowing bubbles, but you can tune it out. Doing something that takes your attention off of the popping can help, like listening to music. Everyone likes music. The music can take your attention off of the bubble popping. You won't even hear the popping noise.

Stop the popping!

Popping bubbles can be very annoying in an unintended fashion. When people pop bubbles it can annoy anybody. Be careful when you pop your bubbles because someone could end up exploding in your face.