The Taiga

By Christian Hosek


In Central Canda (and throught the most of it) there is a Taiga biome. There is also a Taiga biomes that spread through central Eurasia and to Central Asia.

Plants in the Taiga

Some of the plants in the Taiga include:

-Balsam Fir

-Black Spruce


-Eastern Red Cedar

-Jack Pine

-Paper Birch

-Siberian Spruce

-White Fir

-White Poplar

-White Spruce

Animals in the Taiga

-Some of the animals in the Taiga include:

-American Black Bear

-Bald Eagle


-Canadian Lynx

-Gray Wolf

-Grizzly Bear

-Long-Eared Owl

-Red Fox

-River Otter

-Snowshoe Rabbit


Climate of the Taiga

Taiga biomes are very cold oriented biomes. Less than four months a year manage to get an average temperature over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter last for 6-7 months, and rainfall is 12-33 inches per year.