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Week of May 8, 2016


So Much More...

This week we will "put our students to the test" on state accountability measures. I have thought a lot about this ritual that we do each year. I've weighed its importance on assessing student learning of Kentucky Core Academic Standards--it does that and that is important. But I have also thought about our individual students who will sit for this test this week--and smiled at how they are "so much more" than a test. I've thought about Ronaldo who seriously wants to be an astronaut. I've thought about Christian who's struggles with math never show up on the football ball field. I've thought about the hundreds of students who will learn to love science when the eggs hatch in the lab this week. I've thought about Makenzie and her dream of being a veterinarian. I've thought about the pride our 3rd graders will soon show at the annual Art with Heart Showcase. Yes, this week will be one of bubbling in answers...and it's important...but our students are so much more and our work with them is so much more.
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Friday's KPREP Pep Rally!

Testing and School Schedule for This Week

This schedule has not changed since it was in tiger talk a few weeks ago … this is just a reminder in addition to the paper copy you should have received in your mailbox (on yellow paper).


PLEASE make sure you communicate the changes to your families, especially the changes in the lunch schedule….

A Thankful Parent

i received this message in an email Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Burkhardt,

I am so impressed with (my daughter's) progress in reading! The reading recovery program is an excellent program. This was our first year in Shelby County Public Schools and (my daughter) started reading this year at a level one. She is now at a level 17 and will definitely finish the school year at a level 18 which is first grade’s reading goal. She loved the homework Mrs. Logsdon gave her. She especially loved it when she leveled up. (My daughter) enjoys reading now and has become more confident in her reading skills. I am so thankful for Mrs. Logsdon and the reading recovery program!

Thank you,

(A first grade parent)

Thanks, Sarah Smith, for sharing the blog link below!

2015-16 Professional Learning Reflection

Next week we will review the feedback collected from our professional learning experiences this year in our Team Lead meeting. Please find the survey results and a summary document below. if you have any additional insights from the data please share them with your Team Lead for sharing at our May 12 meeting. SBDM Committees will also have an opportunity to reflect on the PD connected to your area as well as make suggestions for next steps that could be offered 2016-17.

Professional Learning Feedback Survey

How well did this training meet your needs? 1-5

How much have you implemented your learning from this training this year? 1-5

What feedback would you like to share about this training? (open response)

Professional Learning Feedback Summary

This Week at Southside

Please check alternate schedule for the week (above)--related arts, lunch and testing times!

Monday, May 9

  • First Grade Field Trip
  • Pilot Program Planning/Discussion 2:30-3:30 (Conference)

Tuesday, May 10

  • Bindu Sunil at Southside for Math Coaching/CoTeaching
  • Tuesday Folders go home
  • Staff Meeting: SUNA information/Continued Discussion Groups

Wednesday, May 11

  • Student Lighthouse Team Meeting
  • SBDM Parent Election (8AM-7PM

Thursday, May 12

  • NO Data Teams during planning due to alternate KPREP schedule
  • Team Lead Meeting 3:00 (Conference)
  • May SBDM Meeting 4:00 (Conference)

Friday, May 13

  • NO Morning Meeting

Coming Up

May 16-24 Classes work on Southside United Nations Assembly (SUNA) Projects

May 17 Election Day NO SCHOOL

May 18- Relay for Life AM

School Art Show for Students PM

PSPs with Paula Strong during planning

May 19 3rd Grade Economics Field Trip

New Teacher Session 2:45 (Grider's room)

The QUAD (Pilot Option) Parent Meeting 5:00

SSE Art Show 5:30

Meet Me in the Middle (5th grade students only) @WMS 6:00

May 20 The QUAD (Pilot Option) Parent Meeting 7:15AM

5th Grade Visits West Middle School 9:00

D.A.R.E Graduation 11:00

Author Study presentations @ Morning Meeting

LAST DAY for field trips using district buses

KPREP Good Faith Effort Party 1:00 Outside

May 23 Dr. Neihof @ SSE for Conversations (during planning)

5th Grade Annual Field Trip to Indianapolis Children's Museum

Puppeteer Assembly 1:00 (Gym)

May 24 Southside Field Day

May 25 SUNA Project Share Day

Perfect Attendance Lunch 10:30-12:00

Summer Books go home in classrooms

May 26 5th Grade Graduation 12:00 @ The Blair Center

May 27 Last Day of School

K-4 Awards Ceremony 8:00 (Gym)

May 30 Memorial Day

May 31 Closing Day for Teachers