Mysterious Powders

Lab Report

Result that I had

  • It had starch and so did green and non other powders and starch.
  • When we did the oil test it separated and when we did the green with the oil it also separated.
  • The pH was about the same as the red. So we think there is also is red.
  • And the pr was the same as the green and is a light color of pink or a red.
  • The reason we chose these tests was to if there was to see if there was any matches and we did find a couple of matches.
  • And thought it had red and green. And that we thought green because it was the only one with a positive test for starch. And we thought there was red because it had the same pH when we did the test.

What I learned

  • I learned about cross contamination and how it works.
  • And about science safety and how it is operated.
  • And how experimenting works
  • And how to tell if it is a base or a acid.