Interview Tips

by: Chevy

Before Interview

1 - Do your homework! Make sure you know some facts about the job

2 - Show up 15-5 minutes early

3 - Be prepared

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Dressing for the Interview

Remember you want to look nice for the interview to let them know you want the job. When dressing for an Interview they may or may not tell you what to wear or whether its casual or formal. Do not be afraid to over dress, it is better to over dress then under dress
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During the Interview

During the interview you should always do these

1 - Sit with good posture

2- Remain eye contact

3 - Do not chew gum

4 - Play with your ties, nails or clothes

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5 common interview questions

1 - What interests you about this job?

2 - Why do you think you would do well at this job?

3 - What has been one of your biggest achievements?

4 - Tell me about when______?

5 - What salary are you looking for?

Interviewing dont's

1 - Do not chew gum

2 - Do not be soft spoken

3 - Do not be desperate

4 - Do not lie

5 - Do not over exaggerate

Interview Dos and Don'ts

After the Interview

Be sure to shake their hands and say thank you for their time. Also be sure to send them a thank you note
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1 Thing You MUST Do After Any Job Interview - Thank You Notes