Business Phones

what is the best phone for business?

the Blackberry

  • The blackberry is good for business people as it has GPS so you can know where you are or where you are going to meet a client or find their house.
  • It has the trackball and qwerty keyboard for easy use and quick typing
  • It also has voice activated dialling so you can call someone without having to go through your long list of clients numbers you can just call them in a hurry.
  • You can send and receive messages and emails
  • It has a micro SD slot for extra storage
  • It has high capacity battery so you can use it longer without having to worry about running out of charge.

  • This phone could make an employee more productive because their work is more transportable they don’t have to sit in an office. It’s easy, quick use so everything is sped up meaning you have to pay them less hours to get what they need done.

The down side

· The only thing I think would be a good addition would be video calls for conferences.

· Problems using the mobile phone might include; time wasting – like messing around not doing what they need to and be calling and messaging socially rather than for business which leads on to my next point of expense: The expense could be quite high because there is contract which is £13 a month which you have to stick too for 2 years meaning it going to cost you £312 but then you might spend over the limit of calls and texts which will cost you more money on top. Another problem is health and safety because id the employee used their mobile phone when they shouldn't e.g. driving but they were doing their job at the time they may be able to sue you

· There are also security risks like someone taking or hacking the phone and getting details.

John works for a large telecommunications company. He has an important job and regularly receives phone calls and emails throughout the day, and sometimes during the evening. He rarely takes time off for holidays, but when he does he takes his work phone with him. This means he can still read his work emails and respond where necessary.

Do you think it is fair that John takes his phone on holiday?

I don’t think it’s fair if he has booked holiday he should be able to relax and not worry about work.

What do you think would happen if he didn’t?

he has an important job and if he didn’t keep working things would get confused and people wouldn’t know what to do and they need him as part of their team to make things run smoothly

Do you think he feels under pressure from his boss to constantly work?

I think he probably would feel under pressure and stressed because if he’s not there things won’t run smoothly and he probably feels as if he’s letting everyone down.

Are there any alternatives?

The company should have a backup employee that can do the same job as him and receive his emails and calls so that when he’s off someone can do his job so he can be stress free and relaxed.

Golden rules - for a healthy work-life balance

1. Prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury)

2. When you’re working concentrate on your work not social life

3. When your off relax don’t think about work enjoy time with friends and family

4. Although you’re working don’t work too hard that you have to be on the phone whilst driving its dangerous and illegal!

5. Be careful that someone doesn’t take your phone because they could take you’re information and your companies information