The game of life

Katherine Menjivar

Part 1

The career i chose was cosmetology, they inspect the hair,face, and scalp to recommend treatment. Some of their duties are to discuss hair-style options, to wash, color and condition hair, cut, dry and style your hair, also to clean and sanitize all tools and work areas.I choose this career because I like the beauty field, the style and change. I am qualified for this career because I have a high school diploma and a state license from The Empire Beauty School in Pineville, NC. My starting salary is $10.91.

Part 2

The Apartments I chose to live in are Lakeside Apartments. I chose to live here because it has amenties that are convenient like they have fitness/health class, washer and dryer connections in selected homes, private balcony or patio and its close to I-85 and I-77, it also has a refreshing swimming pool with a sun deck which isn't necessary but its nice. Cost per month for these apartments ranges from $525-$545.

Picture of apartment floor plan

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part 3

žMy car choice is a 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV. The total price for the car is $22,968. The interest rate is 3.05%, the term of months that it will take me to finish paying my car is 60 months and my monthly car payment would be $413.21

part 4

In a week I spend $75 on food because I believe I eat more then the average person. I go to the movies about every 2-3 weeks or when I really want to watch a movie that just came out, my entertainment expense is $50. My shopping budget is $200 but for extra expenses another $100 to over plan