9th Grade English Course Update

September 12, 2014 (Issue 3)

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Be sure you review the following information:

Mrs. Gardner's Welcome Newsletter

This newsletter contains lots of information about our class including (but not limited to) late work, parent auditor accounts, MLA format requirements, class expectations, reading the schedule, finding answers to FAQs, etc.https://www.smore.com/2xr8g

Mrs. Gardner's Welcome Session

The welcome session (and all future recordings) can be accessed through this Padlet link:http://padlet.com/MrsGardner/AdobeFall2014

Submitting Work Correctly

Check out this document that explains all the ways you can be sure your work was submitted correctly.


Also, don't forget to check out the User Links section of our course homepage.

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18, 16, and 14 Week Grade Update

Check Your Grades: Grades Have Been Updated!

At each Assignment Due date, grades are updated by the teacher. Zeros are entered for any missing assignments from the student's schedule. Students and parents should view grades and notify the teacher of any issues. Students are encouraged to turn in missing work for partial credit according to GaVS late policy (see below.)

You will receive a course update email from me every two weeks, immediately after an Assignment Due Date. This week, the 18, 16, and 14 week schedules had a due date. The 12 week schedule begins on Monday, so the first 12 week due date will be September 26th,

Please read through the newsletter for helpful information.

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How to Read Feedback:

Watch the video below to learn where to find teacher feedback. You'll also learn how to view your missed quiz questions and their correct answers to prepare for tests! The video below demos a biology course, but can be applied to ALL courses.

If you cannot view video: Click here to be directed to the original.
Viewing Assignment Feedback
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The Dish on Discussions

If you are only making one discussion post, you are missing out on some points. Remember, in order to earn points without deductions, students must make one initial post (start a new thread) and then reply to at least two other posts. * If you are the first one to post in a discussion board, or you post way ahead of schedule, it is YOUR responsibility to revisit the board and add more replies. Check out the images below that I created for your gradebook.
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Important News and Tips:

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Preview of the User Links Widget ~ Lots of Information

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Want Some Extra Credit?

Extra Credit Newsletter

Click on this image above to view the extra credit newsletter.