CR West News & Notes

To Know God and to Make Him Known

Tis the Season of Sharing

January begins outreach season for CC. Outreach season is comprised of two parts primarily. First, we want to share the mission, model and method of CC with local families who are new to CC or new to homeschooling. Second, we want to begin the process of prayerfully deciding who will serve in leadership as a director for the upcoming school year.

In regards to sharing CC, info meetings normally run about 1.5 - 2 hours. Info Meetings are actually the first but not the only step in promoting CC. Once families attend an info meeting we immediately invite them to join us again to learn more. We call this our "String of Events". The next stop in the string of events after an info meeting may be an open house, a field trip, a go-to-meeting call, coffee with a CC director or families, etc. Our goal here is to keep families connected and remember that it normally takes multiple ways of exposure for families to know if CC will be a good fit for them. The link to share info meetings is listed below.

In regards to leadership opportunities for directing, Colleen begins hosting "What to Expect When You Direct" calls. These calls are designed to help women get a better understanding of the duties and opportunities for directing. The next "What to Expect" calls are on Tuesday, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Please contact Colleen if you'd like to join the call.

Please pray for God to lead and direct our families, both veterans and new ones. After all, CC belongs to Him! :-)

Orphan Grain Train

On Wednesday at lunchtime we have the opportunity to tour the Orphan Grain Train. Please consider checking out what the Grain Train is all about so we can support them in their mission to supply clothing overseas!

12:00 - 12:30 Children and parents in Mrs. Lewis' and Mrs. Mahoney's class will tour

12:30 - 1:00 Children and parents in Mrs. O'Lear's, Mrs. Greiner's and Mrs. Davis's class will tour

Moms please stay with your children!

January MNO

Thursday, Jan. 26th, 5pm

400 Third Street

Castle Rock, CO

Meet at The Barn in Castle Rock at 5pm for some shopping (they close at 6!) then head over to Siena for dinner after. If you haven't been to the Barn this is your chance!!! Such a fun, cute place! Please RSVP so we can make a reservation at Sienna.

Contact Robyn O'Lear with any questions

Looking Ahead

Family Presentation = Little Family

Lunchtime Duty = Heidi, Nakia

Suggested Speech = Famous Artist--choose a famous artist and tell us about him/her. You may wish to choose from the Great Artists we are currently studying including Rembrandt, Linnaeus, Monet, Morisot, Gainsborough, and Degas

Daddy Daughter Dance

Saturday, Feb. 11th, 5:30-8:30pm

27826 Alabraska Lane

Evergreen, CO

Bring your daughter(s) 7 - 18 years old.
Tickets are
$20 for adults
$15 for each daughter
Which includes dinner and carriage rides!

Tickets available