How to create a display

Rebecca Moreno Kris- HomeSense


Monday June 15th

Time of demo

Come at any time between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm

Description of activity

Displaying items is not as easy as it sounds. There are different things to always keep in mind like the theme and color. It should have a flow to it, and different heights. It should not all be the same size.


Why have you chosen this specific task or set of tasks? I think it will be fun to do this. It's an activity that will require you to be creative and organized. I do this almost on a daily basis. You have to work with the items that come in every day. The A-caps are important because they are in the main hall. Customers pass by it every day. It has to look nice and appealing so they buy the products.

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Details of the Activity

1. First you look around and look for items that are maybe repeated a couple times, or items that are made from the same or similar material.

2. Then, you choose another item or color that matches the first thing you selected.

3. Once you have most of the main items, you fill the a-cap

4. It has to be set up in a triangle. So, it has to have a high point and and low point. It also needs to have a flow to it. Items need to have some connection to each other, and not be randomly put there.

Required Materials

There are no specific materials that are required for this activity.

Guaranteed to be creative and fun