Land of the ice.

Iceland is a beautiful island located at the east of the Atlantic ocean . Founded in the 7th century. It was named Iceland so that people wouldn't go there. The founders wanted people to think it was ice but Iceland was great land. it was green with very beautiful cites.

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What to do here ??

There are a lot of things to do in Iceland .

  • you could take a dip at the Jakulsarlon natural hot springs.
  • You could fly an helicopter over erupting mountains (Norduflung helicopter tours)
  • visit the blue lagoon some say it has healing powers.
  • You could go to the Iceland airwaves where many artists take the stage.
  • Go to the young and uprising for new upcoming artists.

traditional foods and where to eat them .

Smokd lamb or sheep. at the Fridrik V

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Travel around then tour on the air bus.

get a tour of iceland
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