Spring Conference Information



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Spring Conference Information:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Parent/Teacher Conferences will look different this year because of COVID-19. All conferences must be scheduled through https://www.myconferencetime.com/ehsblackraiders/. Conferences will be on Monday, February 22nd from 8:00 AM -8:00 PM and Tuesday, February 23rd from 3:05 PM -5:45 PM.

Families will have three conference options: a TEAMS virtual meeting, a phone conference, or a face to face conference. We highly recommend the TEAMS virtual or phone conference option to reduce the amount of contact. Conferences are scheduled for 10 minutes, with 5 minutes in-between (to disinfect for face to face conferences). If you choose face to face, only two adults and the student will be allowed into East High School. Also, everyone must wear a mask.

How to Schedule Conferences:

Step 1: Click on the link- https://www.myconferencetime.com/ehsblackraiders/.

  • Pro Tip - We highly recommend having your child attend the meeting with you.

Step 2: Select "Register for Multiple Time Slots" to meet with multiple teachers or select the individual teacher from the list that you would like to meet with.

  • Pro Tip - In most cases parents will want to meet with multiple teachers. The best way to decide which teachers to meet with is to talk to your child and check their Canvas grades.
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Step 3: Select the number of students you have attending East High.
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Step 4: Enter your information, please specify which conference option you want in the "optional comments" section.
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Step 5: Select all of the teachers you wish to meet with from the list of the teachers.

  • Pro Tip - Families do not need to meet with the homeroom teacher unless the child has that teacher for a class.

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Step 6: Choose the day you wish to attend conferences.
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Step 7: Select different times for each teacher you are meeting with unless they are in the same classroom, if the teachers share a classroom you can book the same times.

  • Pro Tip - It is not possible to meet with more than one teacher in the same time frame, unless they share a room, so be sure to pick different times for each teacher.
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Step 8: Confirmation link and email is sent to you.
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If you need to change any times that you scheduled, you are able to do so until 8:00 AM on Monday, February 22. Reminders will be sent out the day before your scheduled conferences times.

Additional Information:

East High teachers are always available for anyone who missed conferences. If you miss conferences, please email the teacher(s) directly to set up a time for a phone or TEAMS conference. Remember, you can always email your child’s teacher when you have questions.

Virtual families, along with any Pathway Classes through the Career Academy or Harry Hopkins, can schedule conferences for their students by visiting www.myconferencetime.com/careeracademy and following the same steps as above.

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