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What is Jamaica's government?

Jamaica has a parliament (government) made up of 21- member senate and a 60-member house of representatives. the prime minister is the head of government. administratively the country is divided 14 parishes. (states)
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What is Jamaica's economy like?

The economy is balanced; farming, manufacturing, trade, and services are the largest sectors. About one fifth of the labor force works in agriculture. The most important crops are bananas and sugar; by-products of the latter provide molasses and rum, both key exports. Other important crops are citrus fruits, coffee, yams, spices, and vegetable. Goats, cattle, and pigs....

What are examples of Jamaica's culture?

The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is known for a vibrant blend of cultures that has been formed over hundreds of years by the people that has inhabited and visited with tropical locale. The beautiful setting coupled with the laid back style and carefree spirit of this country make it popular tourist destination. Many aspects of this rich culture are translated into the vibrant and colorful traditional clothing. modern dress in Jamaica is fusion of the traditional Jamaican style combined with modern styles from western culture.

What is the geographic of Jamaica?

The location of Jamaica is approximately the size of Connecticut, and 90 degrees south of the Caribbean sea.

In Jamaica the geography varies from beautiful beaches on the coast and huge mountain ranges on the inland regions. In fact mountains cover more than half of the island. Mountain ranges can reach about 7,402 ft at there highest. There are rivers in Jamaica like the wage water and the milk rivers usually begin in the mountains and move swiftly down which can create a lot of damage in the more rainy seasons. Many plains are also located in Jamaica like the Kingston and Liguanea plains.

How do the big five ideas help learn about our world?

It helps us by if we ever go to a different country like Jamaica we will know how they dress, there language , there tradition, and there economy. So we are not looking at people not knowing what to do.

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