The Middle Colonies

Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania & New Jersey


The Delaware colony was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company. They have a proprietary government. They many different types of religions being practiced in Delaware, including Quaker, Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, and others. They are apart of the "Bread Basket" so crops are a big part of their economy especially Wheat.

New York

New York was founded when the Dutch bought that Island of Manhattan from the Natives in 1626. It was Named New York in 1664 by England. It got it's name from The Duke of York. They traded furs and did some farming to especially with wheat and grains. They were a proprietary colony. They had no established form of religion.


Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by William Penn. They are governed by a proprietary form of government. They didn't have an specific practices of religion like New York and New Jersey but they did remember the Quaker religion. They base their economy on mixed farming, especially with wheat.

New Jersey

New Jersey was founded in 1664 by Sir George Carteret. They have a proprietary form of government. Like most of the other colonies in the middle region they did not have an established religion. The economy in New Jersey is based on mixed farming.