invisible people


personal story

a interviewer was trying to get people to understand the pain ans the way homeless people feel. the interviewer said that people never make eye contact or even talk to a homeless person people look at them like the are trash. the interviewer found a homeless person and interviewed him and the man said on ones looks at him or anything and he said one day a kid gave him a christian pamphlet and he was amazed that the kids gave him something. after the interviewer left they said they know how it feel to be homeless because seventeen years ago they were homeless themself.


the things you could do to get out of homelessness or not get yourself into homelessness,take personal responsibilities, pay your debts , accept support.


the help the homeless we could bring them the things they need like food, clothes, toys if they have kids, if they don't know any shelters they could go with you to get into one and help them get back on their feet.


the government is helping homeless there are many things to help you from being homeless. there are organizations for homeless people to help them.