President Andrew Jackson

Murderer of the Cherokee

He's a zero for destroying an entire civilized race

Jackson felt that the Cherokee were savages and a conquered race that should have to disappear in the presence of a more evolved race. His concern to the Cherokee was as large as his care for the constitution. Jackson's only reason for the Cherokee land is the fertile soil, and the discovery of gold within the Cherokee land. Eventually the Cherokee were "relocated" to different land. Retrieved on 1/15/14

The spoils system

Andrew wanted to prevent another loss during elections, and wanted supporters. As to ensure he has supporters he used the spoils system. This system ensured supporters for a political party government jobs even if they weren't qualified. Retrieved on 1/15/14

He caused the trail of tears

The Trail of Tears is a shameful event for the U.S. The government ordered the removal of thousands of Cherokee. When the removal began the united states agreed with the Cherokee to give them food, transportation, and medicine. The government also tried to compensate and in return for the land in Georgia the Cherokee received five million dollars. Despite all the Cherokee were given thousands still died of diseases, starvation, exhaustion, and the cold.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency